Library Services in response to the COVID-19 (Updated March 24)

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19, we operate the library according to “the restriction level in Rikkyo’s policy to restrict activities”. Please check the updated information on the library website as we may change the library services and conditions in response to the social situation.

■Library Services from April 2022 (User limited) (Updated March 24)
■Attending classes at the library
■Maximum number of materials and loan period
■Returning Library Items
■Online Library Contents
■CLOSED for Visitors

Library Services from April 2022 (User limited)

For the time being, only Rikkyo students and faculty members are eligible for the entry.

About Entry to Campus and University Reception Services
【Opening hours】(Updated March 24)

The opening hours in May will be posted on the library website in late April.

【Limitation for the number of the entry people】
As an infection prevention measure, for the time being, in order to avoid a crowded environment, a fixed number of seats are set in social distance and the entry to the libraries may be restricted when a certain number of people are reached.

【The limitation of users】
■ undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty member and administrative staffs of Rikkyo Gakuin

※We kindly ask you to refrain from using library if you are one of the followings:
Alumni, students from partner institutions of “Yamanote Line Private University Consortium”, “Saitama University”, “Saitama Academic Library Association” and “f-Campus” , those who have referral letter, and others

【Available services】
・Perusal of books and magazines
・Lending (automated machine)and returning (book return post)
・Using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
・Retrieve materials from the automated storage
・Ordering materials from Ikebukuro, Niiza, and the Niiza Repository Library
・Photocopying of books and materials
・Interlibrary Loan Services (excluding referral letter to other libraries)
・Using PCs and printers (the number of PCs and printers is limited.)
・Viewing AV materials
・Using the terminal PC for digitized materials at the National Diet Library
・Using the terminal PC of the Bloomberg (Ikebukuro library only)
・Using the terminal PC of the LLI Comprehensive Law Information System (Ikebukuro library only)

【Unavailable services】
■ Issuing a referral letter to other libraries

【Available Areas】(Updated March 24)
<Ikebukuro library>
■ Perusal desks, Carrel (B1F・3F), Learning Square*available as perusal desks, PC desks,
Lecture Rooms(2F)*partial use, AV section (2F)
※There is a limit to the number of seats to maintain social distances.
※Please disinfect and clean your desk and PC by yourself when using.
※For using the installed PC, the rental PC and the AV devices, a 1-pin earphone of your own is required. Any wireless earphones are not available.

<Niiza library>
■ Perusal desks (1F), Personal carrel seats (1F), PC desks (1F), AV Rooms (1F), Face-to-Face Reading Room(1F), Group Area (2F)*available as perusal desks, Multipurpose Studio(2F)*partial use
※ There is a limit to the number of seats to maintain social distances.
※ Perusal desks in Niiza Library are periodically coated with an antibacterial coating.
※ For using the installed PC, the rental PC and the AV devices, a 1-pin earphone of your own is required. Any wireless earphones are not available.

【Unavailable areas】(Updated March 24)
<Ikebukuro library>
■ Refresh room (B1F), Learning Square (2F)*, Group study rooms (2F), Private perusal seats (3F)
*Learning Square (1F) is available as a perusal desk.
※It is not available to use the areas where are expected to be used with utterances and the area where sufficient ventilation is difficult.

<Niiza library>
■ AV rooms (1F), Relax Room (1F), Group Study Rooms (2F)
※It is not available to use the areas where are expected to be used with utterances.

【Other notes】
・Please wear a mask in the library.
・We may ask you to leave in case we observe any unusual physical condition.

Attending classes at the library

Please note the following in mind when taking online classes at the library:

・Online classes without speaking are available.
※Interactive classes with utterances are not available.

・ The installed PC, the perusal desks with own PC and rental PC are available.
※The number of PC desks and the perusal desks is limited.

・ Own headphones are needed. Especially, the installed PC and rental PC requires 1-pin earphones.
※Any wireless earphones are not available for the installed PC.

・Attending classes are available only during the library opening hours.

Maximum number of materials and loan period

Undergrad student 10 books/2 weeks
Graduate student (Masters, Doctoral) 30 books/1 month
Full-time Faculty 100 books/3 month
Part-time Lecturer 30 books/1 month
<Media materials>
Media materials 2 items/2 weeks

Returning Library Items

Please note that the book return post is installed in front of the library gate at both Ikebukuro and Niiza campus. When you come to school for classes, please return books and materials to the book return post. However, AV materials can only be returned at the counter of the both libraries.

The materials you have borrowed can be returned by mail or courier services for the time being. (The shipping fee is on you.)

【Sending Address】
<Rikkyo Ikebukuro Library>
3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-8501
<Rikkyo Niiza Library>
1-2-26 Kitano, Niiza-shi, Saitama 352-8558

【Other Notes】
・To specify it to an invoice with “Return Library Material”
・To pack the items with care to prevent any damage.
・To send the returning materials with a tracking number.

Online Library Contents

Online Library Services including special sites as follows are available at home.
Rikkyo OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), MyLibrary Service.

Special Site for the library at home in 2021 for Rikkyo Students (Japanese only)
How to Set Up Remote Access to Online Content
The Online Support by Learning Advisor (Japanese only)

CLOSED for Visitors

The usage and entry for the visitors including from our partner institutions will remain CLOSED for the time being. We also suspend the acceptance of the library tour or inspection. We would appreciate your understanding.


If you have any questions and inquiries, please enter the Inquiry Form. (V-CampusID / Japanese only)
To prevent the spread of infection, we kindly ask you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Rikkyo University Library