Academic Staff FAQs

The library offers a range of services to help its users to conduct fulfilling educational and research activities.
On this page, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions in a Q&A format.
Please check here if you have any queries.(Contact)

Use of Library Facilities

You want to know about the library's basic services (opening hours, borrowing of materials, request of materials, how to return books, etc.). Please refer to the Library User Guides.
Opening Hours / Counter Service / Borrowing & Returning
You want to know how to use of PCs and printers. Please refer to the following page.
You want to know how to use of cubicles and carrels. Terms of use differ at each library.
Ikebukuro Library Floor Guide / Niiza Library Floor Guide
You want to display of your class achievement results in the library. You can display your class achievement results in the library (Ikebukuro: Learning Square / Niiza: Near the entrance gate on the 1st floor.). In the past, class assignments were displayed.
Please consult with the Ikebukuro Public Services Office and the Niiza Library Services Office.

Use of Materials

You want many students to be able to use the materials you have specified for class assignments, etc. You can use the Reserved Book system, in which specified books may not be checked out of the library and are made available for set time periods.
Reserved Book System
You want to use databases from outside campus. Databases written on the database list that are marked as "Off-Campus Access" can be accessed from home or other off-campus locations through the university intranet. Access must be approved using your V-Campus ID and password.
Off-Campus Access
You want to know how to access materials that are not on campus. Please refer to the following page about service(Use of not on Campus Materials).
You want to know about photocopying of materials. For information about photocopying of materials, please refer to the following page.
You need a receipt for photocopies. Receipts are issued at the library counter, so please come to the counter as soon as you have finished photocopying.
*This applies only to photocopying done inside the library.
You want to know when the materials you need for educational activities have been stored. Please use the New Arrivals Alert Service.
A guide to the "New arrival alert services"
You want to know about databases related to your faculty. Please use the databases list , You can serch the databases by the list,by objective and by faculty. We also categorise these databases by academic fields.
You would like to access materials stored in the Niiza Repository Library. To request materials to be delivered, please use OPAC to place a request or ask at one of the library counters. Users do not have direct access to the Niiza Repository Library.
You want to view rare books. For information about access to rare and semi rare books, please refer to the following page. *In Japanese only
Rare Books
You want a receipt when you purchase a prepaid card. Receipts are issued at the library counter, so please come to the counter as soon as you have purchased your prepaid card.
*This is only for prepaid cards purchased from the vending machines in the library.

About Learning and Teaching Support

You want to use class time to show students how to search for information. With the aim of improving students' information literacy, the library holds "In Class Library Instruction Sessions", using library resources, for individual classes and seminars.
In-Class Library Instruction Sessions (Classroom Support Course) *In Japanese only
You want your students to learn how to use the library. Please take advantage of the "Library Activity Course". At Ikebukuro Library, in a three-class lecture series offered, students can learn in a progressive way about the techniques, etc. needed to gather the information they will need at university, from how to use the Library to how to search for books and journals.
At Niiza Library, you can consult with the library staff member in charge about customizing the timing and content of lectures when you apply at the counter.
Library Activity Course *In Japanese only
You want your students to learn how to prepare for writing reports and papers.
Ikebukuro Library and Niiza Library have Learning Advisors who provide advice about prepare reports and papers. As well as giving advice about how to write reports, these Learning Advisors also provide a wide range of information such as how to gather information or how to study.
When introducing to Students, please let us know the content of the assignment and the number of students in advance in order to avoid confusion.
Contact : Ikebukuro Library 2nd Floor Counter / Niiza Library 1 st Floor Counter
For details, please refer to the following page.
Learning Advisors
You want your students to learn how to use databases. The library invites external instructors to conduct workshops.
For some of these workshops, the hand outs distributed to participants and the recording of the workshops are available online.
Workshop*In Japanese only
You want an environment in which students can conduct group work. At Ikebukuro library, students can use the Learning Square on 1F and 2F and the group study rooms on 2F. At Niiza Library, they can use the "Shiori" Learning Commons and the group study rooms on 2F.*Group study rooms only used for study and research purposes.
You want your students who is writing graduation thesis, master's thesis and dissertation to rent materials longer than general rules.
(Long term rental of books for academic writing papers.)
Fourth year undergraduate students and graduate school students can borrow books by special regulations services (ten books for three months and six items of audio visual materials for two weeks) aside from regular rental quotas to write graduation theses, master's degree theses, doctoral thesis and seminar essays. Because these students need to follow the procedures at the counter, please notify the system seminar students and graduate school students, etc.

Purchase of Materials

You want to purchase books/journals/audio visual materials/electronic resources for research purposes. The library uses faculty book budget to purchase such materials (each faculty has its own budget amount and purchasing methods).
The library will send details to eligible parties at the beginning of the academic year.
You want the library to store books to be used in your classes. The library handles "Textbooks" and "Readings" specified in the syllabus in the following manner.
1) Books specified in the "Textbooks" column (maximum of five (5) books per course)
  • In principle, these books will be stored in the Class Textbooks Sections (no borrowing) of the library.
  • Depending on budget circumstances, another books that meet the library's collection criteria may also be stored on the general (for borrowing) stacks.
2) Books specified in the "Readings" column (maximum of seven (7) books per course)
  • In principle, books that meet the collection criteria will be stored on the general (for borrowing) stacks of the library.
* 1) and 2) above will be followed as a general rule, but there may be cases in which these books cannot be stored on the shelves for budgetary reasons, because they are difficult to obtain, or for other reasons.
* If these books are specified in the "Others" column, they will not be stored by the library.
You want the library to store books, even though they are not directly related to classes, will be beneficial for students' learnings and for broaden their general studies Please use the system of "Recommended Reading Requests". Click here for details.
Recommended Reading Requests
Also, as part of its learning and research support, the library has a system for accepting students' requests a purchases. Please let your seminar students and graduate students know about this system.
Request a book purchase for the Library
You want the library to store books that you wrote The library endeavors to gather information and store books that meet the library's collection criteria. There may be cases in which the library is unable to obtain the publication information, so if you notice that the library does not yet have your books, please contact us at the following e-mail address.
 Ikebukuro Library: tosho-gakubu(at-mark)
 Niiza Library: niizalib(at-mark)
*Please replace "(at-mark)" with "@" before sending.


You want to donate materials to the library. Please refer to the following page regarding donations of materials to the Library.
Donating Books to the Library
You want to know how to register bulletins and papers etc in the organizational repository. Please refer to the following page for how to register content for the Rikkyo University's academic Repository, "Rikkyo Roots".
How to register content to the Rikkyo University Institutional Repository