Request a book purchase for the Library

When you can’t find the book you need for your study, the library accepts your requests to purchase. We decide to purchase the book according to the scope of our collection policy. After checking whether the book holds neither in the library on your campus nor in the Niiza Repository Library, please complete this form. We will let you know the result by SPIRIT mail.


Only students of Rikkyo University can apply. An application with anonymity can not be adopted.

Requests are acceptable in the cases below.

*Only if the book holds neither in the library on your campus nor in the Niiza Repository Library.

  • Books・・・1,000 yen or more, and not too expensive (see below for the upper limit)
  • DVDs ・・・authorized for library use (incl. lending)
  • Journals and newspapers are not acceptable.

The Library will purchase the requested book for the applicant’s campus library.

Upper limit (year-to-date total) for the applications are:

  • Up to 100,000yen for undergraduate students
  • Up to 150,000yen for graduate students

Period for acceptance is up to the end of January. When the year’s budget runs over, we will close the acceptance on this website.

We will try to answer for your request within a week. For a book not published in Japan might take some more weeks.

The following books may not be adopted.

  • Books cheaper than 1,000yen
  • Books for practical purposes (ex.: test-preparation, qualification acquisition, hobby)
  • Online journals and databases
  • Books not published at the time of application

Other options

Alternatively, you may prefer to submit an Inter-Library Loan request to borrow a print copy of the book which is held in another library - this may be quicker than asking us to buy a new print copy to add to our own collections.