Reserved Book System

In order to make reading materials for class assignments available to a large number of students, they may not be borrowed for use outside of the library. Instead, they are made available for viewing within the library for a specific amount of time. This is called the Reserved Book System. Every year, a high volume of students request reading materials assigned by their professors. By making these materials available for viewing exclusively inside of the library, our intention is to support a higher volume of students in their learning activities. So we ask all teachers to inform the library in advance of documents to be assigned which are related to subjects being studied in the classroom. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

1. Objective

To make reading materials and reference documents covering topics relevant to tests/reports available, exclusively for viewing inside the library (two hours in principle), so that more students can utilize them.

2. Materials that can be added to the Reserved Book

Up to several volumes per category of books or audio‐visual materials available in the Rikkyo University Library
* Excluding rare books
Class-related reading materials that are not in our library may be purchased by us and added upon request.

3. Period of use

Materials can be used in the library starting on the day after the reading list is received, or the day of assignment, until the test day or submission deadline for assignments/reports.

4. Contact methods

Fill out and submit a "Reserved Book Application Form." Applications can be submitted at any circulation counter in our library.

[Word] Download the Reserved Book Application Form
  • Reserved Book name
  • Professor in charge
  • Subject name
  • Course campus/No. of participants
  • Submission deadline for assignment/report

[Where to submit] Any circulation counter at the Ikebukuro or Niiza Library