Learning Advisors

Doctoral students of Rikkyo University as Learning Advisors provide advice on how to use the library efficiently and how to write reports and theses.
"I don't know how to write a report."
"I don't know how to collect information for my report."

The Learning Advisors provide detailed advice to students with such problems, using library materials based on their own study and research experiences.

Self-introductions of learning advisors

Please access to self-introductions of learning advisors on each campus from following links in Japanese.
Ikebukuro Campus, Niiza Campus

Support Services

  • How to study at the university
  • How to write a report or thesis (setting a theme, writing, format, etc.)
  • How to find literature information (how to find library materials, use databases, etc.)
  • How to use the library
  • Other general consultation about study
  • The questions which Learning Advisors are often asked, are put to "Reports and Papers FAQ" together. (In Japanese)

Usage notes

  • Learning Advisors advise how to work on academic learning, such as all processes of academic writing. They neither correct output of user nor teach him, but support on the basis of self-experiences of their own.
  • In case of wishing to have checked own reports or manuscripts in Japanese, please ask at “Japanese Language Support Desk” of Center for Japanese Language Education.

To faculty members

For more information about the consultation with use of the Learning Advisors, please see the section"You want your students to learn how to prepare for writing reports and papers." in the Academic Staff FAQs.

*The Learning Advisor service is now available in two ways: face-to-face and Zoom.

Zoom consultations are by appointment only, and face-to-face consultations are by appointment first.

Please fill in the required information such as your preferred consultation date, consultation method, and contact person, and submit the form.
Please click here

How to Support

The Learning Advisor service is available in two ways : face-to-face and the web conference system Zoom.
Zoom consultations are by appointment only, and face-to-face consultations are by appointment first.
  • All of Learning Advisors can advise on general kind of consult about how to write reports or papers.
  • Consultation time is about 30 minutes per time.

How to Make an Appointment to Consult a Learning Advisor

Appointment Calendar to Learning Advisor

  1. Please select desired date and time and desired discipline from the appointment calendar.
  2. And then access to appointment form, enter necessary information such as face-to-face or Zoom, consultation details, etc. by noon on the day you wish to consult. After that an email of “Appointment Completed” is sent automatically to you.

*Please log in with the Rikkyo domain (@rikkyo.ac.jp) to make an appointment.
*It is possible to access to the appointment calendar after Friday evening in the week before last of the desired day.

The following are each service.

1. Face-to-face service

You can consult Learning Advisors in Rikkyo University Library.
Please visit Ikebukuro Library or Niiza Library on the campus where the Learning Advisor belongs with whom you have made an appointment.
*In case that you didn't make an appointment in advance and nobody didn't do it, you can consult.
In such case please visit the library at the time whose icons are indicated on the appointment calendar, after you refer to it.

≪Dates, Hours and Locations of Learning Advisor Service≫
Dates From April to July and from October to January
Open: School days and holidays on which classes are held
Close: Holidays, no class days and fall and winter recess
Hours [Weekdays (Mon -Fri)] 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Locations Ikebukuro Library 2nd Floor Counter
Niiza Library 2nd Floor "Shiori" Group Space (Niiza Library Learning Commons)

2. Consultation using the web conference system (Zoom)

Learning Advisors consult online also using Zoom.
Please access to a Learning Advisor from Zoom meeting URL on an email of "Appointment Completed."

Other Related Contents

1. Reports and Papers FAQ (In Japanese)

Questions about reports and papers which Learning Advisors are often asked, are put to FAQ together. There are also slides for explanation.Please click here to see them.

2. Learning Advisor Recommended Books (In Japanese)

Learning Advisors are introducing recommended books for undergraduate students to read.
Please click here to see them.