Terms of Use for online services

When using databases, make sure to check the terms of use (or similar rules) for each website and follow them accordingly.

When breaching the terms of use, a penalty will be incurred on the entire university, such as prohibition of use, which will cause a significant setback to the educational and research activities at Rikkyo University, so pay sufficient attention to it.

Things to note for all online databases are explained as follows.

Target users

Online services can only be used by Rikkyo University members (faculty and students). * Some services are limited to faculty and graduate students. In such a case, sharing private information with a third party such as an ID or password is prohibited.

Purpose of use

Databases are exclusively for personal study, academic research, or educational use. The downloading and printing of data for only these purposes is permitted. All other purposes of use are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited actions

  • Use of databases for purposes other than personal study, academic research, or education.
  • The duplication of downloaded/saved/printed materials, or redistribution of those materials to a third party (this applies to all types of media as well).
  • Mechanical mass downloading of materials (using download support software, robots, crawlers, or similar methods).
  • Manual mass downloading of materials that exceeds the normal range of use.
  • Downloading material in a way that breaches copyrights, such as downloading entire volumes or issues.
  • Revising downloaded materials.

* All other breaches of copyright are prohibited as well. Even if a single individual performs one of these prohibited actions, a penalty will be incurred on the entire university, such as prohibition of use, which will greatly inconvenience the academic community.

* If any questions about prohibited actions, please refer to the database publisher's website, or use Inquiry Form.