Report Creation Guide

It is reprinted from Report Creation Guide - Let's use the library - 2016.

Reports and theses are required to submit in the university. There are numerous types of reports and theses, varying in quality and length, but they all share specific formats respectively, and should be written logically from one's own point of view, yet easy for the reader to understand. Report creation skills learned during one's time at university can also be utilized later in life, such as creating entry sheets for employment activities, or creating business planning sheets while working in the society.
This "Report Creation Guide" introduces the basic philosophy and creation process from the perspective of library users. We hope this guide proves to be useful in helping all of you with your assignments.
*Please refer to the booklet for more details.

1. How to read academic books

Covers points on how to deepen your understanding of the content in academic books.

2. Reports

Introduces methods of structuring and manner in creating reports, along with a summary of what reports are.

3. Document search methods

Introduces methods for finding literature, primarily Japanese documents.

4. How to write a report

Introduces a process on how to write a report using specific steps.

5. Citations and copyrights

Covers the basic rules on how to properly use copyrighted works without violating the copyrights.