When photocopying is permitted by copyright

Please adhere to the copyright laws strictly when photocopying materials. Under article 31 ,the Act of Copyright law users can photocopy library materials for the following cases only.

  • Photocopy of library materials is restricted to a portion of the copyrighted material.
  • Articles published in periodicals is permitted to be photocopied, when a considerable amount of time has passed after being published (once the next volume is published, or once 3 months have passed after publication)
  • Only one photocopy is permitted per person
  • Photocopying is permitted for research purposes
  • Photocopies cannot be recopied or distributed, regardless of whether or not the material is free

For reference: Q&A for University Library Copyright Issues(written in Japanese)

Copy machines

  • Photocopy machines are available in each campus library, and library materials can be copied under the Act of Copyright Law . Users must fill out an "Application for Copying Documents" for photocopying.
  • Fees are 10 yen per black and white photocopy, and 40 yen per color photocopy.
  • Photocopy machine prepaid cards can be used as well (1,000-yen or 3,000-yen cards are available). Prepaid cards can be used at the Ikebukuro or Niiza Libraries. Purchase them from a library vending machine.
  • We cannot make change at the library. Please bring the exact amount of small change necessary when using photocopy machine.
  • In general, users can photocopy only library materials.