Library Privacy Policy

At Rikkyo University Library, we understand the importance of protecting the personal information of those who use our services. It is our duty to manage such information properly, handling it as described below, based on Rikkyo University's privacy policy.

What is personal information?

The personal information managed at Rikkyo University Library is defined as follows.

  1. User information: Identification-related information such as a user's name, address, and phone number, as well as a User ID
  2. Usage information: The dates in which users apply to use our services, such as using, borrowing, or copying of our materials,Applications and queries regarding our services, including the names of requested materials, portions of materials copied, and reference services

Acquiring persoanal information

At Rikkyo University Library, we only acquire user and usage information as needed in the following cases.

  1. When a user is about to enroll at, or plans to work at, Rikkyo University
  2. When a user other than those referred to in (1) must perform user registration
  3. When users apply to use any of our services within the library

Using personal information

At Rikkyo University Library, we will only use acquired personal information in the following cases. We will not use acquired personal information for any other purposes than those described below.

  1. Offering library services: When a user applies to use a library service, we will use personal information for the time period in which that service is offered.
  2. Retaining of user information: User information will only be kept on file within the term of validity. However, if a user is still not done with a certain service, even after the term of validity has passed, we will retain the user information until the user has stopped using the service.
  3. Statistics: In some cases, in which we aim to understand job performance status, or for the improvement of our library services, we may gather statistics based on usage information as needed. However, we will not gather or edit any statistical data that identifies an individual.

Sharing personal information with a third party

We will not share any personal information with a third party, except in the following cases.

  1. When a user requests using the interlibrary loan services, material names, the user's name, department affiliation, student number, etc. will be provided to the requesting library in order to issue an introduction letter or to copy or to order materials.
  2. When Rikkyo University Library books or materials are lent to a user from another university through an agreement, and those materials are overdue, that individual's usage information will be sent to his or her university as a reminder to return the materials.

Managing personal information

  1. User information and use information will be managed so that it can only be handled by staff members or entrusted individuals performing ongoing tasks within the library, which are specified above. Moreover, personal information will not be referred to or altered for any purpose other than those tasks described above.
  2. If there are any mistakes, or an individual requests an update to personal information, the information is revised immediately.
  3. We have security measures in place to prevent any unauthorized access by an external party to user and usage information registered to our computer server.
  4. Personal information will be promptly deleted once it is no longer needed for the task at hand.

Releasing personal information

  1. The release of a user's personal information will be handled according to Rikkyo University's "Basic policy on the handling of personal information."
  2. If an individual would like his or her user information to be changed, a request must be submitted directly by the individual.
  3. If an individual would like his or her user information to be deleted, a request must be submitted directly by the individual. However, some services can no longer be used once user information has been deleted.