Rikkyo Library limited open with reservation and available services

 Thank you for your continuous support on Rikkyo Library during this challenging time. Rikkyo Library has been opening only for Rikkyo students and faculty members with reservation-based entry. We kindly ask for your understanding about conditions and restrictions*1 for disease control and safety reasons for library users and staff both. Since there is a restriction on the hour of use, please plan ahead the effective use, for example, by searching what books to borrow with OPAC in advance.
 *1 Please note that conditions and restrictions may be changed or the service may be suspended depending on the situation of COVID-19. We will notify you of any change on this library website.

 For Rikkyo students and faculty members, please be sure to read the following No.2~No.8 conditions carefully and proceed to make an application.

1. Application form

■ ⇒ 【Application form】

2. Opening day & hour with reservation-based entry

In response to State of Emergency declaration and to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, opening hours will be as follows:

■Tuesday, January 12 - Thursday, February 4
Monday to Saturday
Part 1: 10:00 – 12:30, Part 2 : 13:00 – 15:30, *Part 3 : 16:00 – 17:30
*Please note that only Part 3 will be available for 1.5 hours.
(Niiza library will be closed on January 16 as scheduled due to the Common Test for University Admissions.)
*Closed: Sundays, January 17, 24 and 31

■Friday, February 5 - Sunday, February 14

Reference: [Calendar]

3. The number of users

 The library limits the maximum number of users per round as follows:
 350 people per round for the Ikebukuro library
 150 people per round at the Niiza library

4. The limitation of users

 We regret to inform that library only accepts graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty member and administrative staffs of Rikkyo University for the time being. We kindly ask you to refrain from using library if you are one of the followings:

Alumni, students from partner institutions of “Yamanote Line Private University Consortium,” “Saitama University,” and “f-Campus,” those who have reference letter, and others

5. Available services

・Perusal of books and magazines
・Lending (automated machine)and returning
・Use of perusal desks for study and research (*The number of desks is limited.)
・Photocopying of books and materials
・Using PCs and printers (*The number of PCs and printers is limited.)
・Interlibrary Loan Services (*excluding letter of introduction to other libraries)
・Using the terminal PC for digitized materials at the National Diet Library
・Viewing AV materials
If you would like to borrow any book in defferent campus from the selected library, you can request and transfer it with the OPAC function of the reservation to pick it up at the selected campus counter. Please make a reservation on the next opening weekday after the request date and the reservation also needs to be set after the 2nd round of the day.

6. Unavailable services and areas

 Please be advised that the following services are not available.

×Unavailable services
PC rental services, Mutual use of other institutions and organizations (issuing a reference), learning advisor*2
*2 Face-to-face advising is not available but is provided by online.(Japanese only)

×Restricted area in Ikebukuro library
All floor: Perusal desks (partially), PC desks (partially), carrels
1st floor: Learning Square (available as perusal desks)
2nd floor: Leaning Square, AV section (partially), group study rooms, lecture rooms
3rd floor: private perusal seats

×Restricted area in Niiza library
1st floor: Perusal desks (partially), PC desks (partially), AV rooms (partially), face-to-face reading rooms
2nd floor: Group Area (available as perusal desks), Group Study Rooms, Multipurpose Studio

7. Attending classes at the library

・ It is required to make a library entry reservation when taking online classes at the library.
・ One-way online classes without speaking are available.
 ※Interactive classes with utterances are not available.
・ The equipped PC desks and the perusal desks with own PC are available.
 ※PC rental services are not available.
 ※The number of PC desks and the perusal desks is limited.
・ Own headphones are needed. Especially, the equipped PC requires 1-pin earphones.
 ※Any wireless earphones are not available for the equipped PC.
・ Attending classes are available only during the library opening hours.
 ※Class hours for the 2nd and 3rd period correspond to the library entry hours. For the other class hours, please use the designated classrooms by the Academic Affairs.
・ It may be difficult to hear the lesson audio due to the in-house announcements.
・ Please note that it is required to leave the library once when replacing each part for cleaning and disinfection even though your classes are consecutive such as 2nd and 3rd periods.

Information for available Classrooms and the other Facilities (Academic Affairs / Japanese only)

8. Other notes

  • Please wear a mask in the library.
  • We may ask you to leave in case we observe any unusual physical condition.


Inquiry Form (V-CampusID is required / Japanese only.)