Description of Database

(A)●:Contracted/○:Free ● is for subscription database. Users can access from the library's website.
○ is for free online database. It is accessible via the Internet regardless of location.
(B)READ Users can search databases by READ(Discovery Service).
[About READ]
(C)Language/Full-text/User's Guide,Terms of Use Language:The language of contents contained on databases
Full-text:The contents are provided in full text
User's Guide/Terms of Use:Please confirm when users use the databases.
(D)Resource Type Type of materials or situations suitable for users
(E)Maximum number of users The number of concurrent access
(F)Log out It shows whether users have to log out or not. If users need to log out, please click "log out" button when users finish using the databases.
*If a user closes the window's "×" button, log in condition continues, other users may not use.
(G)Environment Accessible campuses and computer terminals may be restricted. "On-Campus" means that you can access from any place on campus network environment.
(H)Off-Campus Access It means users can access from off campus if users set up of the PC environment. The account registrations or ID & PW will be necessary under certain circumstances.
[About Off-Campus Access]
(I)About Descriptions of the range and the contents.
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