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Following titles are available.
"The Savings and Loan Crisis:Loss of Public Trust and the Federal Bailout,1989-1993"
"Hollywood, Moral Censorship, and the Motion Picture Production Code, 1927-1968"
"European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: German Colonies in Asia and the Pacific: From Colonialism to Japanese Mandates, 1910-1929"
"19th Century English-Language Journals from the Far East"

Artemis Primary Sources
Users can cross search and browse historical material databases contracted with Cengage Learning.

Chatham House Online Archive
This database provides digitized materials of Royal Institute of International Affairs' (Chatham House) publications, unpublished materials and sound materials.

Eighteenth Century Collections Online
The online version of "The Eighteenth Century"(microfilm version). Users can use digital images of printings printed in English or U.K. in the 18th century (books, a fly sheet, bibles, pamphlets, etc.).

The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2007
The online version of "The Economist". It is available from the first issue (1843) until 2007.

Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010
It provices "Financial Times" from the first issue (1888) until 2010.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
It's an e-book type It's an e-book type reference tool.

National Geographic Virtual Library
This is the official journal of "National Geographic Society" (nonprofit organization), which was established for the purpose of the spread of geography.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online
Users can search a wide range of the first historical materials in the 19th century. The contents are so many: books, monographs, nespapers, magazines, diaries, letters, manuscripts, pamphlets, maps, statistics, etc.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context
The learning/research database gathering materials which can be information of argument or consideration from various positions about a lot of points of arguments of modern society.

The Making of the Modern World
The online version of "Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London" and "Kress Library of Business and Economics, Harvard Business School", the historical collections in social science.

The Times Digital Archive 1785-1985
The digital archives of "The Times"(London).

World Scholar:Latin America & the Caribbean
The database about Latin American culture and society from the 15th century until today. Besides the first materials and the secondary materials, it provides the latest newspaper/magazine text, videos and multimedia materials.