Database name  CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
About CNKI China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database is the key project of national informatization construction. Contracted databases are the three following databases.

Century Journals Project
It contains full text of more than 3700 journals before 1993.
【Maximum number of access】3  【The contract range】Journal article information and full text of "哲學與人文科學"(文史哲)& "經濟與管理科學"(経済・管理)before 1993.

China Yearbooks Full-text Database
The data is gradually updated about back numbers. Users can narrow the search results by 16 article categories such as "法律法規類””統計図表”.
【Maximum number of access】5  【Contracted titles】中国人口年鑑、中国旅遊年鑑、中国地方志年鑑

China Statistical Yearbooks Database
Users can browse not only paper units but also download contained numeric data (Excel files). Users can search related data from various statistical materials by specifying areas, analysis data and years. Data-mining fuctions such as automatically forming tables and graphs are also prepared.
【Maximum number of access】5  【Contracted titles】北京統計年鑑、上海統計年鑑、吉林統計年鑑、黒龍江統計年鑑、四川統計年鑑、雲南統計年鑑、中国農村住戸調査年鑑、中国県(市)社会経済統計年鑑、中国経済普査年、中国対外経済統計年鑑、中国社会統計年鑑、大中型批発零售和住宿餐飲企業統計年鑑、中国連鎖餐飲住宿行統計年鑑

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