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1.「Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1947-1980」
This is the essential material for political history and social history of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan from 1947 until 1980 based on U.K. Foreign Office materials. It contains various rare materials, which are usually difficult to browse, such as Foreign Office materials, telegrams inward and outward and cuttings/extracts from newspapers about South Asia including above mentioned areas after World War Ⅱ. Rikkyo University has contract for 2 sections which provide detailed information about the birth and the development of governments of India and Pakistan, Kashimir problems and Nehru Era (1947-his death in 1964).

Section Ⅰ. Independence, Partition and Nehru Era, 1947-1964

Section Ⅱ. South Asian Conflicts and Independence for Bangladesh, 1965-1971

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