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E-Books listed below are now available.

Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities
Children and Language : Development, Impairment and Training.
Concise encyclopedia of languages of the world
Developing Language and Literacy with Young Children : 0-8 Years
Handbook of bilingualism : psycholinguistic approaches
Handbook of Second Language Acquisition.
How Children Learn the Meanings of Words
Language acquisition : the growth of grammar
Language Acquisition.
Language in Mind : Advances in the Study of Language and Cognition
Language Policy and Language Planning : From Nationalism to Globalisation.
Language, thought, and reality : selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf
Linguistic Human Rights : Overcoming Linguistic Discrimination.
Rethinking innateness : a connectionist perspective on development
The Handbook of Applied Linguistics
The Handbook of Bilingualism.
The handbook of linguistics
Turn-taking in Japanese conversation : a study in grammar and interaction