Attending classes at the library (Updated Sept.11)

・ It is required to make a library entry reservation when taking online classes at the library.

・ One-way online classes without speaking are available.
 ※Interactive classes with utterances are not available.

・ The equipped PC desks and the perusal desks with own PC are available.
 ※PC rental services are not available.
 ※The number of PC desks and the perusal desks is limited.

・ Own headphones are needed. Especially, the equipped PC requires 1-pin earphones.
 ※Any wireless earphones are not available for the equipped PC.

・ Attending classes are available only during the library opening hours.
 ※Class hours for the 2nd and 3rd period correspond to the library entry hours. For the other class hours, please use the designated classrooms by the Academic Affairs.

・ It may be difficult to hear the lesson audio due to the in-house announcements.

・ Please note that it is required to leave the library once when replacing each part for cleaning and disinfection even though your classes are consecutive such as 2nd and 3rd periods.