In this program, we introduce our useful tools for study abroad and overseas exposure to Rikkyo University students. It began as the program related to Rikkyo Global Festa. We recommend students who are interested in studying abroad, overseas volunteers and travels to participate in this program.
International Students -- Most of sessions are English program, so please feel free to take part in!

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Fall 2017

Exhibitions "Books on Japan"

We are planning an exhibition of English books about Japanese culture. And we are going to set up a message board near the exhibition. You can post comments or questions about books, study abroad, foreign countries and so on.

  • Start/End: October 19, 2017 - October 27, 2017
  • Venue: Nearby New Arrival Books, 1st Floor, Ikebukuro Library / Left side through the Entrance, 1st Floor, Niiza Library

Seminar on English class trials Reservation required

We introduce libraries’ databases and tools, which are useful for daily learning and preparations of studying abroad in the form of English classes. You can participate with ease as the lecturer uses easy English for Japanese students. Taste the atmosphere of English classes. Of course International students can participate.

 For Listening Practice

This is a English program that you can learn how to use "Factiva.com", a world newspaper database.

(1)12:20 - 13:20, Tuesday, October 17 at Lecture Room #2, 2nd Floor, Ikebukuro Library
(2)12:20 - 13:20, Friday, October 27 at Multipurpose Studio, 2nd Floor, Niiza Library
Database Factiva.com, a world newspaper database
Lecturer Shun Kobayashi from ProQuest
Language English
*Lecture sometimes speaks Japanese for Japanese students.
*You can enter and exit any time during the event. Please feel free to join!

For Speaking & Discussion Practice [Flyer (in Japanese)]

How about discussing with Japanese students? In this program, you can talk about various topics with the paticipants in English.

International Students -- Please Note
Some participants may think that they aren't any good at speaking English, like you may not be good at Japanese. We would be grateful if you could speak English a little more slowly and suavely than usual. We would appreciate your understanding.

Date&Time 16:40 - 18:10, Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Venue Group Study Room 8, 2nd Floor, Ikebukuro Library
Lecturer Shun Kobayashi from ProQuest
Language English
*Lecturer can translate Japanese to English. Please feel free to enjoy discussion!

Please read the following newspaper article in advance
 "Japan also on a learning curve with huge influx of overseas visitors"
  *V-CampusID/Password required
  Japanese title) 訪日外国人 摩擦を理解へのてこに
  by The Asahi Shimbum, Jan. 21 2016, Morning edition, 636words

Group Study Room 8 is available as "Practice Room for Basic Phrase in discussion" from 14:30 to 16:30. You can read the phrases aloud in this room with the lecturer.
*You may enter and leave as you please. And People who won't take part in this seminar can also use.

How to apply

Log in to "Rikkyo-jikan" with your ID and password and search "図書館留学アワー" on the page "イベント・プログラム".
You can also apply at the circulation desk on the 1st floor at both libraries.
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