Learning Advisors

 ※Learning Advisor support service for the academic year 2021 has been closed.
The service in AY 2022 will resume in April. Please check this website

Doctoral students of RIkkyo University as Learning Advisors provide advice on how to use the library efficiently and how to write reports and theses.
"I don't know how to write a report."
"I don't know how to collect information for my report."

The Learning Advisors provide detailed advice to students with such problems, using library materials based on their own study and research experiences.

Support Services

  • How to study at the university
  • How to write a report or thesis (setting a theme, writing, format, etc.)
  • How to find literature information (how to find library materials, use databases, etc.)
  • How to use the library
  • Other general consultation about study

≪To faculty members≫

For more information about the consultation with use of the Learning Advisors, please see the section"You want your students to learn how to prepare for writing reports and papers." in the Academic Staff FAQs.

※The Learning Advisor service is now available in two ways: face-to-face and Zoom.

Zoom consultations are by appointment only, and face-to-face consultations are by appointment first.

Please fill in the required information such as your preferred consultation date, consultation method, and contact person, and submit the form.

☞ please click here

Consultation using the web conference system (Zoom)

We provide online consultation for writing reports and papers using the web conference system Zoom.

☞ To apply for this service, please click here to check the instructions for use and make a reservation by noon on the day you want to consult. (Consultation is about 30 minutes per session. An extension may be possible.)

Please log in with the Rikkyo domain (@rikkyo.ac.jp) to make an appointment.

Face-to-face service

Dates From April to July and from October to January
Open: School days and holidays on which classes are held
Close: Holidays, no class days and fall and winter recess
Hours [Weekdays (Mon -Fri)] 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
*We will extend our hours until 6pm before or during exam periods.
Locations Ikebukuro Library 2nd Floor Counter
Niiza Library 2nd Floor "Shiori" Group Space (Niiza Library Learning Commons)

Learning Advisor Recommended Books

Learning Advisors are introducing recommended books for undergraduate students to read.
Please click here to see them.