Recommended Reading Requests

About the Recommended Reading Requests

Any materials specified by faculties as texts in the syllabus are purchased by the library beforehand and stored in the stacks in the class textbooks corner of each library. To supplement these textbooks, the library also has a “Recommended Reading Requests” system. Under this system, faculties may recommend materials that, while not directly related to classes, will be beneficial for students’ studies and for broadening their general education. The library will assess these recommendations for selection and purchase as study books and, if approved, shelve them for student use in the library of the campuses in which they were requested.

*Due to the balance between constructing a collection of books and the budget, the upper limit of applications per person is 100,000 yen. Note that we may not be able to accept all requests for the same reasons.

This academic year’s applications have been closed.

1. Selection of Recommended Reading Requests

Please request your recommended books, which are defined as follows: Must-read literature related to classes (Mainly literature corresponding to materials designated as textbooks in syllabuses.)
Materials that are not directly related to classes, but are useful for improving students’ learning and broader education (for example, basic textbooks that teaching staff wants students to read while learning about related academic fields).

*As mentioned above, the Library confirms and purchases materials designated as textbooks in syllabuses.

2. Applicant

The person who takes charge of classes in this academic year.

3. Management

Materials that the library has decided to purchase will be stored in the general stacks and made available for borrowing.

*If the materials are related to the class, with your application we may purchase another copy to place in the class textbooks corner [in-library use only]. You may request such on the application forms below. The materials will be stored in the library of the campus where the class is held.

4. How to Request

This academic year’s applications have been closed.

■ When Completing the Form

  • In addition to books, ebooks and audio-visual materials can be recommended.
  • Please fill in the title, author and publisher accurately and provide the ISBN (eISBN for ebooks), if possible.
  • When applying under this system, the number of concurrent access to ebooks is limited to 1 (one).
  • Media materials will be limited to titles that have copyright approval for use in libraries.
  • Magazines, online journals, and online databases are not included in this system.
  • The system is limited to books that have been published at the time of the request.(As for books in a series, the system is limited to the books that are already published.)
  • The library may not be able to purchase books that are difficult to obtain (out-of-print, etc.), antiquarian books, etc.

■ Contact

  • Ikebukuro Library: Email:
  • Niiza Library: Email:
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