In-Class Library Instruction Sessions

Sessions on Library Instruction are being held to enhance students’ information literacy skills. These sessions utilize library resources and are offered in class/seminar format. More specifically, the sessions focus on how to use the library, including basic bibliographic search methods via our online public access catalog (OPAC) and various databases. If you would like your students to participate in such a session, please check over the following details before application.

Q: What sort of course content is available?

For new students, Basic]level is mainly available during the spring semester. [Advanced] level is a practical session using databases from Japan and abroad to cover topics that actually come up in the classroom, for reports, etc. Further details will be provided during the application process. Please select a course level that best suits your students' level of education. Individual consultation is provided to determine course content that meets the specific goals of a class, so please discuss this during the application process.

[Basic]: How to use the Rikkyo University Library and READ (45 minutes or 90 minutes)

The first 45 minutes of this session cover basic techniques on how to use the Rikkyo University Library. The second 45 minutes will cover one of two options: " book hunting" or a "library tour."

(45 minutes)
- How to use the Rikkyo University Library
- Types of information and ways to use it (including books, journals, newspapers, and electronic media)
- Searching the READ
Optional (choose only one)
(45 minutes)
- Book Hunting (searching the shelves for a book)
- Library tour (at Ikebukuro or Niiza)
* Specific methods will be discussed during application.
- Searching Newspaper Articles

* As a prerequisite for the " Book Hunting" option above, students must first take the "Library Tour Program" in the other library instructional program," Katsuyo-koza". (Once details have been determined, they will be made available on the library website and posted at the library.)

[Advanced]: How to search for Japanese journal articles (90 minutes)

This session primarily focuses on how to find journal articles in the library. It is meant for students to learn what is needed to create a bibliography. Participants are to fill out their search results in a library-created worksheet. An understanding of [Basic] level content is required to participate in this session.

(10 minutes)
- Basic Knowledge of Information Search (Searching steps and Evaluation Criteria)
(max 80 minutes)
- Searching Books
[Select one from READ, Rikkyo OPAC, Webcat Plus or CiNii Books]
- Searching Journal Articles
[Select one from READ, CiNii Articles, or EBSCOhost]
- Searching Newspaper Articles
[Select one from Yomidas Rekishikan, Nikkei Telecom21, or LexisNexis Academic]
- Using Off-Campus Materials
(Yamanote Line Consortium, issuing introduction letters, copying off-campus materials, loaning out books)
- Journal Hunting (searching the shelves for journal articles)
- Using RefWorks (Ciation Management Tool) Creating an Account and How to use

Q: What times are available for holding sessions?

Sessions can be held at any time during class hours or lunch break, etc. from 9 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays, and 9 am to 12:15 pm on Saturdays. They can also be held at other times, so please contact us for further details.

Q: What sort of format are they held in?

Formats are generally as follows.

- Small-scale session (30 people or less) / Mid-scale session (31 to 70 people)

Sessions can also be held in a computer room. If 50 people or less attend a session at the Ikebukuro Campus, it can be held in the Ikebukuro Library Seminar Rooms. If 40 people or less attend a session at the Niiza Campus, it can be held in the Niiza Library Multipurpose Studio. Computers are available for use in these rooms during the course. An Ikebukuro Campus computer room can accommodate 30 to 70 people, and a Niiza Campus computer room can accommodate 48 to 88 people (max. capacity differs by room).

- Large-scale session (71 people or more)

Sessions can be held in regular classrooms. A large projector screen can be used as a visual aid. Computers are not available for participants in this format. However, this particular format is effective for joint instruction in merged classes on Introductory Seminars or Basic Reading Seminars according to classroom size. If multiple computer rooms are available, they can be used simultaneously for a larger group (up to 3 classes at a time).

Q: Who will be lecturing at these sessions?

The Rikkyo University Library staff will work as instructors and teaching assistants. However, if participants want to know how to use a specific database, an outside trainer can be dispatched from the database provider. Since these sessions are considered a part of a course of classes, the class-instructor must also attend.

Q: Who are the sessions aimed at?

These sessions are primarily designed for undergraduates, but exceptions can be made.

Q: Is there anything I should be aware of during the application process?

Please be sure to confirm the following.

  • In order to secure a preparation period and schedule a library-instructor, please apply at least two weeks prior to the desired session date. For courses in April and May, please try to submit an application by the end of March.
  • For courses in April and May, library-instructor and classroom arrangements may not match up with the desired dates in some cases. If this occurs, the necessary adjustments will be made.
  • To apply, please fill out all required information on the application form. In order to provide an effective session, we need time to consult with class-instructor in advance regarding the content.
  • If you have a shared request on the session for Introductory Seminars or Basic Reading Seminars, etc. in the department, please make the necessary adjustments among the class-instructors in advance. If possible, please apply as a department or a group of common basic classes/seminars. Then assign a faculty member (full-time/part-time lecture accepted) as representative.
    There is also a library instructional program," Katsuyo-koza", made available for individuals by the library. Details will be made available on the library website and posted at the library. The session will be in lecture/seminar format for up to 50 attendees.
  • Once the session has finished, the participants will be asked to fill out a survey sheet. We ask for your cooperation.

Q: How should I apply?

Fill out all required sections in the application form below, then submit it directly to the library you are applying for. The person in charge will contact you to discuss the details at a later date.

Application form: Excel file (28 KB)
Campus Location applied for Person in charge Extension
Ikebukuro Public Services Division Kuraki / Ehara 2834
Niiza Niiza Library Services Division Watanabe / Kobori 7139
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