In-Class Library Instruction Sessions (Classroom Support Course)

The library holds training sessions using library resources for each class and seminar to improve students' information literacy.


Two courses are available: [Basic] and [Advanced]. Please choose the course that is best suited to student’s learning stage.

Basic Course

The goal of this course is to learn how to use the Rikkyo University Library, to become familiar with information search, and to be able to handle information correctly. Basic course is recommended for students who are new to Rikkyo University.

Advanced Course

Using domestic and international databases, this course provides practical training in connection with reports and other assignments given in actual classes. The goal is to understand the characteristics of information and to be able to find information according to the purpose.

※Click here to check the databases that the library has subscribed to.
※Please contact the person in charge if you wish to take a course that does not apply to any of the above.

● In-Class Library Instruction Sessions in 2022

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, In-Class Library Instruction Sessions(Face-to-Face) will be held with restrictions, while taking care to prevent infection. We also carry out sessions via Zoom meeting.

Please download the details and application form from the following link.
☞ In-Class Library Instruction Sessions(Face-to-Face) is here
☞ In-Class Library Instruction Sessions(Zoom meeting) is here
The requirements are as follows.

■In-Class Library Instruction Sessions(Face-to-Face)

In order to avoid talking, the lecture will be mainly explained by the instructor. Please keep speech during the library tour or exercise to a minimum to reduce the risk of infection.

■In-Class Library Instruction Sessions(Zoom meeting)

In order to use the database in a remote environment, it is necessary for all participants to set up Proxy beforehand. In principle, the course will consist mainly of explanations by the instructor, and taking care of participants will be limited to chatting due to the nature of Zoom. The library is expected to be the host of zoom meeting, but if this is not the case the library will ask to set up a co-host. Since it takes a certain number of days to prepare for sessions, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the desired date. (Due to instructor arrangements, database conditions, may be difficult to be held on the desired date and time..or dealt with desired content.)

🎦Posting information retrieval seminar of videos

Videos of the Basic course (basic searching of library materials) and the advanced course (searching and using library materials) are available on Blackboard for your convenience. The contents are as follows. You do not need to contact us in advance to use the contents.
☞You can access it from here.
*After logging in to Blackboard, please click on "Public Courses" and then "Rikkyo University Library 2022".
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions, please contact us.

■The main contents on the Blackboard (to be added and updated as needed)

Library Guide Video (How to use the Ikebukuro and Niiza Libraries)
Virtual Library Tour of Ikebukuro Library

■Major contents to be posted on Blackboard in the future (Please refer to the 2021 version. now)

About Remote Access


  • Using the Library (Ikebukuro / Niiza)
  • How to use “OPAC”
  • How to use “READ“
  • Searching Journal Articles (CiNii Research)
  • Searching Newspaper Articles (Yomidas Rekishikan)
  • Rules for Information Use


  • Basic knowledge of Information Search
  • Using RefWorks (from OPAC / READ / CiNii Research(Articles) / NexisUni / EBSCOhost)
  • Searching Books (OPAC / Webcat Plus / CiNii Research(Books))
  • Searching Journal Articles (CiNii Research / EBSCOhost )
  • Searching Newspaper Articles (Yomidas Rekishikan / Nikkei Telecom21* / Nexis Uni / EBSCOhost )


You can access the contents for 2021 from here.
If you would like to request a video that is not included in the above framework or a real-time Zoom webinar, please contact us.
For videos, please send an email or phone call to the library's Learning Support team below with your request and the date you plan to use it.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the In-Class Library Instruction Sessions, please contact the following

✉ Rikkyo University Library Learning Support team:

Campus Location applied for Person in charge Extension
Ikebukuro Public Services Office Watanabe / Ikegami 2834
Niiza Niiza Library Services Division Kobori 7152
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